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New Native Contacts Fields

New contact data fields

We're pleased to announce the expansion of our native contact object in Whippy with the addition of new fields that enable you to store more comprehensive information about your contacts. This update is designed to enhance your ability to personalize communications and manage contact details more effectively.

- Expanded Contact Information Fields: You can now include a contact's address, birthday, external ID, and preferred language directly within their Whippy contact profile. This enhancement allows for richer data capture and management, offering new opportunities for personalization and segmentation.

- Enhanced Personalization Opportunities: With the ability to store and access key personal details such as birthdays and preferred languages, you can create more targeted and meaningful communication strategies. For example, send birthday greetings or communicate in a contact’s preferred language to increase engagement and customer satisfaction.

- Streamlined Data Management: The addition of an external ID field simplifies the integration of external systems with Whippy. By linking Whippy contacts to other databases using a unique identifier, you ensure consistency and accuracy across your data management platforms.

- Improved Segmentation and Targeting: Utilize the new fields to segment your contacts more effectively. Whether sorting by geographical location using addresses or tailoring content based on language preferences, these fields help you to fine-tune your marketing efforts and reach the right audience with the right message.

These updates to our native contact object reaffirm our commitment to providing you with the tools you need to manage your communications efficiently and effectively. By expanding the data you can capture and utilize within Whippy, we aim to help you enhance your relationships and interactions with your contacts, leading to better outcomes and higher satisfaction.

Advanced Campaign Filtering

Campaign analytics filtering

We are excited to announce a significant enhancement to the campaign analytics within Whippy: Advanced Campaign Filtering. This new feature introduces a level of precision and customization in analyzing your campaign data that was previously unavailable, making it easier to access and interpret the information most relevant to your needs.

- Complex Filtering Capabilities: Dive deeper into your campaign analytics with the ability to apply complex filters to your contact data. You can now filter contacts based on specific responses, such as if a contact replied with a certain keyword, and combine this with other criteria like phone numbers starting with a specific area code. This granular filtering allows you to segment and analyze your data more precisely, tailoring your insights to specific subsets of your audience.

- Enhanced Data Accessibility: With advanced campaign filtering, accessing the exact data you need becomes straightforward and efficient. This feature simplifies the process of navigating through large datasets, helping you to focus on analyzing the trends and behaviors that are most critical to your campaign’s success.

- Improved Campaign Insights: By enabling more detailed filtering options, Whippy helps you gain better insights into your campaign performance. Understanding how different segments of your audience interact with your campaigns allows for more targeted strategies and personalized communications, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of your outreach.

Advanced Campaign Filtering is part of our ongoing commitment to providing powerful, user-friendly tools that enhance your ability to manage and evaluate your marketing efforts. We believe these new capabilities will make a significant difference in how you access and utilize campaign data, helping you to make more informed decisions and refine your strategies for better results.

Link Builder

Short link builders

We're excited to roll out the latest addition to our link tracking features: the Link Campaign Builder in Whippy. This new tool is designed to enhance your link customization and optimization, providing a richer experience in how you manage and track your digital communications.

- Customizable Short Keys: Create your own short keys for any links you send. This feature allows you to personalize link URLs, making them easier to recognize and more aligned with your branding or campaign messaging.

- Enhanced Open Graph Control: With the Link Campaign Builder, you can now add custom Open Graph titles, descriptions, and images for each link. This level of customization ensures that when your links are shared on social media, they carry your brand’s voice and image, increasing engagement and click-through rates.

- Advanced UTM Parameter Management: Easily append UTM parameters to your links directly within the builder. This functionality lets you fine-tune how you track the performance of your links across various campaigns and sources, enabling detailed analytics and insights.

The introduction of the Link Campaign Builder marks a significant step forward in providing you with comprehensive tools to craft, customize, and track your communication links effectively. These features not only enhance the professional appearance of your links but also improve tracking and analysis, helping you understand and optimize your audience engagement. We are eager to see how you will use these new capabilities to boost your marketing and communication strategies with Whippy.

Campaign & Sequence Link Tracking Settings

Link tracking changelog post

We're pleased to announce further enhancements to our link tracking capabilities in Whippy, building on last week's updates with even more flexibility and control for your campaigns and sequences. These new features allow for customized link tracking settings on a per-campaign and per-sequence basis, giving you more precision in how you manage your communications.

- Selective Link Tracking: You now have the ability to enable or disable link tracking for each individual campaign or sequence. This granularity ensures that you can choose to track only the links that matter most for specific marketing strategies or communication efforts, helping you optimize data collection and focus on key performance indicators.

- Domain Choice Per Campaign or Sequence: Tailor your branding further by selecting which of your connected domains to use for link tracking on a per-campaign or per-sequence basis. This flexibility allows for consistent branding across different initiatives and enhances the relevance of your communications to targeted audiences.

- Enhanced Customization and Control: These updates provide you with unprecedented control over both the aesthetic and functional aspects of your outbound communications. With customizable link tracking and domain selection, you can ensure that every aspect of your campaign and sequence is aligned with your branding and strategic goals.

These new features are designed to empower you with more precise tools to manage your marketing and communication efforts effectively. By providing the option to customize link tracking and domain use per campaign and sequence, Whippy continues to enhance the adaptability and effectiveness of your communication strategies. We're excited to see how you leverage these new capabilities to further refine your engagement and analysis.

Add & Buy Domains

Buy and add domain

We're excited to introduce a significant enhancement to Whippy's platform: the new Buy and Add Domains feature. This update is designed to elevate your branding and tracking capabilities, allowing you to purchase new domains or connect existing ones directly within Whippy.

- Domain Purchase and Integration: You can now buy new domains directly through Whippy or seamlessly connect domains you already own. This integration is designed to be straightforward, enabling you to enhance your branding efforts without navigating away from our platform.

- Enhanced Brand Presence in Communications: Use your own domains for link tracking across all your messages, campaigns, and sequences. This feature not only strengthens your brand identity but also maintains the professional appearance of your communications.

- Full-Featured Link Tracking: Despite using your own domains, you'll still enjoy all the benefits of Whippy's native link tracking. Monitor click rates, gather engagement data, and optimize your communication strategies with our powerful analytics tools.

This new feature is part of our ongoing commitment to provide versatile, comprehensive tools that support your marketing and communication efforts. By allowing you to integrate personal or corporate domains into your campaigns, Whippy helps you deliver a consistent brand experience while leveraging advanced tracking and analytics capabilities. We look forward to seeing how you use these new functionalities to enhance your brand's presence and effectiveness.

Batch Upsert Contact API

Batch Upsert Contact API

We're excited to introduce a powerful new feature to Whippy's API suite: the Batch Upsert API endpoint. This enhancement simplifies how developers manage contact data, streamlining the process of creating or updating contacts in bulk.

- Effortless Contact Management: With the new Batch Upsert API endpoint, you can now create or update multiple contact records at once using just an external ID, phone number, or email. This feature eliminates the need for tracking and using Whippy-specific IDs, making your data integration processes smoother and more intuitive.

- Flexible Data Integration: Whether you're integrating customer data from a CRM, a customer service platform, or any other external system, the Batch Upsert endpoint adapts to your needs. You can manage large volumes of contact data efficiently, ensuring that your records are always up-to-date with the latest information.

- Reduced Complexity: This update significantly reduces the complexity of interacting with Whippy's system. By allowing updates via commonly used identifiers like phone numbers and emails, it's easier than ever to maintain accurate and comprehensive contact databases without extensive system knowledge.

This new Batch Upsert API endpoint is designed to enhance your ability to manage contact data efficiently at scale. By simplifying how data is updated and maintained in Whippy, we help you save time and reduce potential errors, enabling you to focus on creating more personalized and effective communication strategies. We're excited to see how you leverage this new capability to streamline your workflows and improve your interactions with contacts.

API Recipies & Developer Community

API Portal

We're thrilled to announce the launch of two new resources for developers using Whippy: our Developer Community and API Use Case Recipes pages. These platforms are designed to enhance your experience with Whippy, providing you with both the guidance and the collaborative environment you need to optimize your use of our platform.

  • API Use Case Recipes: Explore a variety of example use cases on our new API Use Case Recipes page. This resource provides detailed examples of how to effectively utilize Whippy’s API in different scenarios, helping you to understand and implement our tools in ways that best fit your needs. Whether you’re looking to integrate SMS functionalities, automate email sequences, or leverage voice capabilities, our use case recipes offer step-by-step guidance to inspire and facilitate your projects.
  • Developer Community Platform: Join our new Developer Community to connect with other developers, ask questions, share insights, and collaborate on projects. This community is a great place to seek advice, discover best practices, and learn from the experiences of others within the Whippy ecosystem. Whether you're troubleshooting, looking for new ideas, or just want to connect with peers, our community is here to support you.

With the introduction of these new resources, we aim to empower developers with the tools and support necessary to fully leverage Whippy’s capabilities. By providing a space for learning and collaboration, we hope to foster innovation and improve the overall development experience. We encourage you to dive into these new features and start maximizing your projects with Whippy today.

Sequence Translations

Translate sequences

We are excited to announce a significant update to the Sequences feature in Whippy, aimed at enhancing your ability to engage with contacts in their preferred languages effortlessly. This update simplifies how you manage and execute communication sequences, ensuring that every interaction is as personalized and effective as possible.

  • Multilingual Sequence Support: Whippy now automatically supports sending sequences in any language, depending on the contact's communication preference. This feature allows you to create a sequence once and have it adapt to the language needs of each contact without manual intervention.
  • Streamlined Communication Management: Eliminate the need to keep track of multiple sequences for different languages. Whippy's intelligent system manages this complexity for you, ensuring that the right message in the right language reaches every contact, every time.
  • Enhanced Engagement and Accessibility: By communicating in the preferred language of your contacts, you enhance engagement, improve comprehension, and make your messages more accessible. This leads to higher response rates and more effective communication campaigns.

With these updates to our Sequences feature, Whippy continues to streamline your workflow and enhance the effectiveness of your communication strategies. We are committed to providing tools that not only save you time but also increase the impact of your interactions, ensuring that every communication is tailored and resonant. We look forward to seeing how these new capabilities will enhance your ability to connect with your audience globally.

Keyword Translation

Keyword automations

We're thrilled to introduce an exciting update to our keyword translation feature in Whippy. This enhancement is designed to ensure that keyword automations are more effective and accessible across different languages, improving communication and engagement with your contacts no matter their preferred language.

  • Automatic Keyword Translation: When you create a keyword automation, Whippy now automatically manages the translation of that keyword into the language of your contact. This ensures that the keyword trigger is always effective, even if the contact speaks a different language from the one in which the keyword was originally set.
  • Seamless Multilingual Interaction: This update eliminates the language barrier in automated communications, enabling a seamless interaction experience for users and their contacts. It broadens the reach of your keyword-based automations, making them more versatile and powerful.
  • Enhanced User Experience: With automatic translation handling, you no longer need to manually set up multiple keywords in different languages or worry about the complexities of translation. This allows you to focus on creating impactful automations while Whippy takes care of the linguistic accuracy.

This improvement to our keyword translation feature marks a significant step forward in making Whippy's automation tools more accessible and effective globally. By ensuring that keywords trigger correctly across languages, we are helping you to engage with a wider audience more efficiently. We look forward to seeing how this new capability enhances your communication strategies.

Infinite scroll and Notification Improvements

Scroll improvements

We're excited to announce our latest set of user experience enhancements in Whippy, focused on improving how you navigate and interact with campaigns, sequence data, and notifications. These updates are designed to streamline your workflow and make your experience on both desktop and mobile more intuitive and efficient.

  • Smoother Infinite Scrolling: Enjoy a more seamless experience when browsing campaigns and sequence data thanks to improvements in our infinite scrolling functionality on both desktop and mobile. This enhancement means quicker loading times and a smoother transition as you scroll through your data, reducing lag and improving responsiveness.
  • Refined Notifications and Toast Messages: We've fine-tuned the way notifications and toast messages are displayed across Whippy. Notifications now pop up in a more consistent and non-intrusive manner, ensuring you receive important information without disrupting your workflow. The improved visibility and timing of these messages help you stay informed without feeling overwhelmed.

These quality of life updates are part of our commitment to continuously improve the user experience in Whippy. By refining these aspects of our platform, we aim to make your day-to-day operations smoother and more enjoyable. We believe these improvements will help you manage your communications more effectively, allowing you to focus on creating outstanding campaigns and sequences. We're excited for you to experience these enhancements firsthand and enjoy a more streamlined and productive use of Whippy.