How one Express Location saved $90k/year by Automating Workflows


Saved in annual salary

320 Hours

Saved per month of manual work


Increase in referrals each subsequent month

The Challenge:

Jacob Carnes is a Marketing Coordinator & Executive Trainer at Express Employment Professionals, one of the largest industrial staffing companies in the US. The number of temporary workers that Express places at jobs each year is staggering and Jacob had a clear mission with Whippy- to automate more and more of the manual work that goes in to engaging, placing and retaining a workforce in the hundreds of thousands.

There were two main points in the “associate” (temporary employee) journey that needed immediate help - the application process and the retention efforts.

The application process was bogged down by complexity and inefficiencies. With multiple application channels available, recruiters were juggling various sources to find candidates. The impact was slow response times to leads and almost non-existent follow up.

Jacob was equally frustrated by the manual check ins required to retain and engage associates who had been placed on jobs. These tedious, but necessary touch points helped ensure associates stayed on assignment and also provided an important channel for associate feedback.

Automation 1:

Jacob's first priority was to streamline the application process. Whether applicants applied through job boards like Indeed, directly on Express’s website or via text, Jacob wanted to engage these leads instantly and automate the initial intake process.

Applications Flow Chart

Applications Flow Chart

Whippy was able to automate the collection of intake data and push the candidate down a customized set of questions based on their interest area while assigning & notifying the relevant recruiter.

Automation 2:

Now that Jacob had much of the “top of the funnel” automated, he wanted to utilize Whippy’s Sequences for the his employee retention checkins. These automated follow ups showed the associates that Express Employment was there to support them during their work experience while not having to burden their internal recruiters with excess manual work.

Jacob was able to also collect feedback not only on the associate’s experience, but also on his clients supervisors who were overseeing the associate at work. This became a key talking point for his sales team to garner more business from hiring company by keeping the conversation constantly warm.

Collecting Feedback

Collecting Feedback

“A major advantage of automating this process is that people don’t always remember to follow up and when they do, it’s not very timely. Whippy’s automated and personalized follow ups hit each associate at the exact right time which would have been impossible for our team to manage”.

In this same multi week check-in flow, the sequence follows up with those identified as promoters and get a referral on the 30 day checkin. Even if that associate forgets to give a referral, Whippy automatically nudges them with a follows up. The result was an increase of 15% in referrals each subsequent month.

Follow Up Automation

Follow Up Automation

The Results:

“The results have been incredible. We have saved 2 full head counts which equates to nearly $90,000 of payroll while never missing a touchpoint. We are saving close to 80 hours a week or 320 hours per month just on these specific workflows.”

The Results

The Results