How one Express Employment owner leveraged Whippy's automations to increase conversions by 56%.


Increased conversions from job board ads


Saved a full time employee’s payroll & costs


Monthly savings in ad spend

The Problem

Every Monday, Matt's team at Express Employment walked into a tsunami of job applicants. The number was so overwhelming that it necessitated three employees, one of who’s full-time role was to manage this process. The designated employee had to go through every application, manually send out text messages & e-mails, and keep a mental note to follow up with those who did not respond.

“We were getting a flood of resumes into our email inbox, seeing who is a good fit then going over to our texting platform, creating the contact and manually sending a text, more than 100 times a day. We sometimes wouldn’t get back to the applicant for days.”

Matt Tibbets

Owner, Express Employment Waxahachie, TX

Despite this significant investment in time, effort, and payroll, the outcome was far from satisfactory. Many candidates slipped away during the follow-up process, a consequence of the time it took to get back to each applicant. To add insult to injury, their monthly spending on Indeed was growing, amplifying the urgency for a more cost-effective and efficient solution.

The Whippy Solution

Matt was on the hunt for a technology solution that could automate the process and allow for more efficient candidate engagement. He discovered Whippy’s suite of AI-driven tools to help streamline operations.

“We know in recruiting speed to application is critical to capture talent. If you wait more than a couple hours, you are losing to competitors. We were always behind while still getting more applications. The result is that we are always playing catch up.”

Whippy’s Job Board Automations were designed to handle large volumes of job applications in an efficient manner and provided an automated yet personalized approach to initial applicant touch points. The technology promised to reshape the recruitment process for Matt & his team.

The Game-Changing Results

Whippy's automation ensured an instant response to every candidate, significantly cutting down on the previous lag in response times. This immediate communication not only provided a superior experience for job applicants but also prevented potential candidates from being lost in the follow-up process.

The improved efficiency and the quicker, more precise candidate management resulted in an astonishing increase in their qualified onboarding rate - an increase of 56% within weeks. This statistic alone signified the sweeping positive change brought about by the introduction of Whippy's automation tools.

Implementing everything turned out to be game changing for Matt. Firstly, the automated system has already cut down their Indeed spend by $750 per month, a saving that will make a significant difference over time. Secondly, the cost of a full-time employee, previously tied up with manual applicant management, was saved.

The chart below shows number of Indeed onboardings per week before and after the implementation of Whippy’s Job Board Automation.

Looking Ahead

The incredible success story of Express Employment Professionals Waxahachie, TX is not the end of the road in terms of innovation for Matt Tibbetts. He is already looking forward to exploring the next layer of automation with Whippy – applicant qualifying sequences.

These qualifying sequences involve AI-powered preliminary screening of job applicants, saving Matt's team precious time by filtering out candidates who don't meet the initial requirements. The idea is simple but effective: pose a series of specific questions to the applicants, and advance those who meet the desired criteria.

Beyond SMS automation, Matt is excited about the prospect of incorporating automated email into Whippy's recruitment toolbox. With email automation his team will be able to reach candidates instantly across multiple channels without needing any manual intervention.

By touching base with applicants through their preferred communication channels, Whippy aims to further elevate conversion rates. The ability to instantly connect with applicants through both text and email would ensure a more immediate, and hence more effective, touchpoint with potential hires.

The continuous innovation offered by Whippy's evolving tools - from job board and SMS automation to the anticipated qualifying sequences and email automation - promises to bring an even greater revolution in recruitment processes. As Whippy continues to push boundaries, Matt Tibbetts and his team are standing at the forefront of this transformation, ready to harness these advancements for even greater efficiencies and successes.

Picture of staff members from Whippy and Express Employment Professionals

Photo above was taken of the Whippy team visiting Matt Tibbets and his team in Waxahachie, TX.