How A+ Staffing increased their google reviews by 1200% in less than 90 days


Increase in number of Google Reviews

3.4 to 4.7

Increase in average Google Review


A+ Staffing, a hospitality and experiential marketing staffing agency based in Dallas, Texas, was no stranger to the robust features of Whippy. Under the leadership of President Jade Edwards, the agency was already leveraging Whippy for one-to-one texting, mass messaging for job blasts, and shift confirmations. However, Edwards faced a challenge: elevating his company's online reputation to attract more hiring companies.

The Whippy Solution

He tasked his Chief of Staff, Tanya VanPelt, with finding a solution alongside the Whippy team. Soon after, based on her feedback, we deployed Whippy's review automation features.

These features included SMS messages sent to associates who had just completed a job, requesting a rating for their recent experience on a scale of 1-5.

Associates who rated their experience between 1-3 were not directed to leave a Google review. Instead, Whippy asked for feedback on how their experience could have been improved, then followed up a few days later to check in. This feature proved instrumental in surfacing valuable insights.

Review Automation Workflow

Review Automation Workflow

Tanya shared that this feedback mechanism helped to identify several critical issues, including the inappropriate attire of a field manager, an associate's unpaid wages, and another associate's frustration at a job.

For data analysis, Whippy tagged associates who gave low scores. This allowed Tanya and her team to effectively review and address these concerns and monitor the associates' future experiences.

For associates who responded with a score of 4 or 5, Whippy automatically sent a Google review link. Whippy's link tracking feature ensured no review opportunity slipped through the cracks. If the recipient hadn't opened the link, Whippy would send a follow-up the next day.

Additionally, the platform would tag these associates as “promoters” and enroll them in a referral sequence to automatically follow up on attracting additional referrals.

Whippy Referral Workflow

Whippy Referral Workflow

The Result

The results were nothing short of impressive. A+ Staffing's reviews jumped from 11, with an average rating of 3.4 stars, to 134 reviews, boasting an average rating of 4.7 stars. The company not only experienced an increase in interested hiring companies but also saw a significant boost in their website's SEO. This meant increased visibility and reach on Google searches and more inbound requests from potential hiring companies.

Tanya also found new ways to leverage the positive reviews collected. She repurposed this content for client pitch decks, as well as the company's LinkedIn and Instagram accounts, thereby creating an even broader impact and reach for A+ Staffing.

Looking Ahead

Now, looking ahead, Tanya and her team are excited about a recent product launch—the ability to see who left Google reviews inside the Whippy dashboard and to use AI to draft responses to each review, saving her team valuable time in crafting a custom, personalized response to each review.

This success story underscores the transformative power of Whippy’s AI and automation in not only addressing immediate business challenges but also in unlocking unexpected opportunities for growth and reputation management.

Whippy Team members

Jade Edwards & Tanya VanPelt hosting the Whippy Team in Dallas.