Sequence Translations

01 Mar 2024
Jack Kennedy
Translate sequences

We are excited to announce a significant update to the Sequences feature in Whippy, aimed at enhancing your ability to engage with contacts in their preferred languages effortlessly. This update simplifies how you manage and execute communication sequences, ensuring that every interaction is as personalized and effective as possible.

  • Multilingual Sequence Support: Whippy now automatically supports sending sequences in any language, depending on the contact's communication preference. This feature allows you to create a sequence once and have it adapt to the language needs of each contact without manual intervention.
  • Streamlined Communication Management: Eliminate the need to keep track of multiple sequences for different languages. Whippy's intelligent system manages this complexity for you, ensuring that the right message in the right language reaches every contact, every time.
  • Enhanced Engagement and Accessibility: By communicating in the preferred language of your contacts, you enhance engagement, improve comprehension, and make your messages more accessible. This leads to higher response rates and more effective communication campaigns.

With these updates to our Sequences feature, Whippy continues to streamline your workflow and enhance the effectiveness of your communication strategies. We are committed to providing tools that not only save you time but also increase the impact of your interactions, ensuring that every communication is tailored and resonant. We look forward to seeing how these new capabilities will enhance your ability to connect with your audience globally.