New Native Contacts Fields

19 Apr 2024
Jack Kennedy
New contact data fields

We're pleased to announce the expansion of our native contact object in Whippy with the addition of new fields that enable you to store more comprehensive information about your contacts. This update is designed to enhance your ability to personalize communications and manage contact details more effectively.

- Expanded Contact Information Fields: You can now include a contact's address, birthday, external ID, and preferred language directly within their Whippy contact profile. This enhancement allows for richer data capture and management, offering new opportunities for personalization and segmentation.

- Enhanced Personalization Opportunities: With the ability to store and access key personal details such as birthdays and preferred languages, you can create more targeted and meaningful communication strategies. For example, send birthday greetings or communicate in a contact’s preferred language to increase engagement and customer satisfaction.

- Streamlined Data Management: The addition of an external ID field simplifies the integration of external systems with Whippy. By linking Whippy contacts to other databases using a unique identifier, you ensure consistency and accuracy across your data management platforms.

- Improved Segmentation and Targeting: Utilize the new fields to segment your contacts more effectively. Whether sorting by geographical location using addresses or tailoring content based on language preferences, these fields help you to fine-tune your marketing efforts and reach the right audience with the right message.

These updates to our native contact object reaffirm our commitment to providing you with the tools you need to manage your communications efficiently and effectively. By expanding the data you can capture and utilize within Whippy, we aim to help you enhance your relationships and interactions with your contacts, leading to better outcomes and higher satisfaction.