Link Builder

05 Apr 2024
Jack Kennedy
Short link builders

We're excited to roll out the latest addition to our link tracking features: the Link Campaign Builder in Whippy. This new tool is designed to enhance your link customization and optimization, providing a richer experience in how you manage and track your digital communications.

- Customizable Short Keys: Create your own short keys for any links you send. This feature allows you to personalize link URLs, making them easier to recognize and more aligned with your branding or campaign messaging.

- Enhanced Open Graph Control: With the Link Campaign Builder, you can now add custom Open Graph titles, descriptions, and images for each link. This level of customization ensures that when your links are shared on social media, they carry your brand’s voice and image, increasing engagement and click-through rates.

- Advanced UTM Parameter Management: Easily append UTM parameters to your links directly within the builder. This functionality lets you fine-tune how you track the performance of your links across various campaigns and sources, enabling detailed analytics and insights.

The introduction of the Link Campaign Builder marks a significant step forward in providing you with comprehensive tools to craft, customize, and track your communication links effectively. These features not only enhance the professional appearance of your links but also improve tracking and analysis, helping you understand and optimize your audience engagement. We are eager to see how you will use these new capabilities to boost your marketing and communication strategies with Whippy.