Keyword Translation

23 Feb 2024
Jack Kennedy
Keyword automations

We're thrilled to introduce an exciting update to our keyword translation feature in Whippy. This enhancement is designed to ensure that keyword automations are more effective and accessible across different languages, improving communication and engagement with your contacts no matter their preferred language.

  • Automatic Keyword Translation: When you create a keyword automation, Whippy now automatically manages the translation of that keyword into the language of your contact. This ensures that the keyword trigger is always effective, even if the contact speaks a different language from the one in which the keyword was originally set.
  • Seamless Multilingual Interaction: This update eliminates the language barrier in automated communications, enabling a seamless interaction experience for users and their contacts. It broadens the reach of your keyword-based automations, making them more versatile and powerful.
  • Enhanced User Experience: With automatic translation handling, you no longer need to manually set up multiple keywords in different languages or worry about the complexities of translation. This allows you to focus on creating impactful automations while Whippy takes care of the linguistic accuracy.

This improvement to our keyword translation feature marks a significant step forward in making Whippy's automation tools more accessible and effective globally. By ensuring that keywords trigger correctly across languages, we are helping you to engage with a wider audience more efficiently. We look forward to seeing how this new capability enhances your communication strategies.