Infinite scroll and Notification Improvements

16 Feb 2024
Jack Kennedy
Scroll improvements

We're excited to announce our latest set of user experience enhancements in Whippy, focused on improving how you navigate and interact with campaigns, sequence data, and notifications. These updates are designed to streamline your workflow and make your experience on both desktop and mobile more intuitive and efficient.

  • Smoother Infinite Scrolling: Enjoy a more seamless experience when browsing campaigns and sequence data thanks to improvements in our infinite scrolling functionality on both desktop and mobile. This enhancement means quicker loading times and a smoother transition as you scroll through your data, reducing lag and improving responsiveness.
  • Refined Notifications and Toast Messages: We've fine-tuned the way notifications and toast messages are displayed across Whippy. Notifications now pop up in a more consistent and non-intrusive manner, ensuring you receive important information without disrupting your workflow. The improved visibility and timing of these messages help you stay informed without feeling overwhelmed.

These quality of life updates are part of our commitment to continuously improve the user experience in Whippy. By refining these aspects of our platform, we aim to make your day-to-day operations smoother and more enjoyable. We believe these improvements will help you manage your communications more effectively, allowing you to focus on creating outstanding campaigns and sequences. We're excited for you to experience these enhancements firsthand and enjoy a more streamlined and productive use of Whippy.