Campaign Automation Templates

06 Oct 2023
Jack Kennedy
Campaign Automation Templates

We're ecstatic to roll out a feature that's set to supercharge your campaign creation process – introducing the "Campaign Automation Templates" feature! Enhance your SMS campaigns by integrating your trusted automated workflows with unparalleled ease.

  • Template Linking: Streamline your campaign setup by linking your predefined automation templates directly when building out your SMS campaigns.
  • Time-Saving Workflows: No more manual setups every time you initiate a campaign. Save, select, and apply your favorite automation workflows in just a few clicks.
  • Consistency and Efficiency: Maintain consistent communication standards and improve campaign efficiency by reusing successful automation templates across various campaigns.
  • Adaptive Campaigning: Customize your campaigns by mixing and matching different automation templates, giving you the flexibility to cater to diverse audience needs.

With the "Campaign Automation Templates" feature, we're taking a leap forward in ensuring that you can set up powerful SMS campaigns swiftly and efficiently. By enabling easy integration of automated workflows, we're putting the power of repetition and scalability right at your fingertips. Experience a smarter way to campaign with our latest feature addition.