Campaign & Sequence Link Tracking Settings

29 Mar 2024
Jack Kennedy
Link tracking changelog post

We're pleased to announce further enhancements to our link tracking capabilities in Whippy, building on last week's updates with even more flexibility and control for your campaigns and sequences. These new features allow for customized link tracking settings on a per-campaign and per-sequence basis, giving you more precision in how you manage your communications.

- Selective Link Tracking: You now have the ability to enable or disable link tracking for each individual campaign or sequence. This granularity ensures that you can choose to track only the links that matter most for specific marketing strategies or communication efforts, helping you optimize data collection and focus on key performance indicators.

- Domain Choice Per Campaign or Sequence: Tailor your branding further by selecting which of your connected domains to use for link tracking on a per-campaign or per-sequence basis. This flexibility allows for consistent branding across different initiatives and enhances the relevance of your communications to targeted audiences.

- Enhanced Customization and Control: These updates provide you with unprecedented control over both the aesthetic and functional aspects of your outbound communications. With customizable link tracking and domain selection, you can ensure that every aspect of your campaign and sequence is aligned with your branding and strategic goals.

These new features are designed to empower you with more precise tools to manage your marketing and communication efforts effectively. By providing the option to customize link tracking and domain use per campaign and sequence, Whippy continues to enhance the adaptability and effectiveness of your communication strategies. We're excited to see how you leverage these new capabilities to further refine your engagement and analysis.