Advanced Campaign Filtering

12 Apr 2024
Jack Kennedy
Campaign analytics filtering

We are excited to announce a significant enhancement to the campaign analytics within Whippy: Advanced Campaign Filtering. This new feature introduces a level of precision and customization in analyzing your campaign data that was previously unavailable, making it easier to access and interpret the information most relevant to your needs.

- Complex Filtering Capabilities: Dive deeper into your campaign analytics with the ability to apply complex filters to your contact data. You can now filter contacts based on specific responses, such as if a contact replied with a certain keyword, and combine this with other criteria like phone numbers starting with a specific area code. This granular filtering allows you to segment and analyze your data more precisely, tailoring your insights to specific subsets of your audience.

- Enhanced Data Accessibility: With advanced campaign filtering, accessing the exact data you need becomes straightforward and efficient. This feature simplifies the process of navigating through large datasets, helping you to focus on analyzing the trends and behaviors that are most critical to your campaign’s success.

- Improved Campaign Insights: By enabling more detailed filtering options, Whippy helps you gain better insights into your campaign performance. Understanding how different segments of your audience interact with your campaigns allows for more targeted strategies and personalized communications, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of your outreach.

Advanced Campaign Filtering is part of our ongoing commitment to providing powerful, user-friendly tools that enhance your ability to manage and evaluate your marketing efforts. We believe these new capabilities will make a significant difference in how you access and utilize campaign data, helping you to make more informed decisions and refine your strategies for better results.