Add & Buy Domains

22 Mar 2024
Jack Kennedy
Buy and add domain

We're excited to introduce a significant enhancement to Whippy's platform: the new Buy and Add Domains feature. This update is designed to elevate your branding and tracking capabilities, allowing you to purchase new domains or connect existing ones directly within Whippy.

- Domain Purchase and Integration: You can now buy new domains directly through Whippy or seamlessly connect domains you already own. This integration is designed to be straightforward, enabling you to enhance your branding efforts without navigating away from our platform.

- Enhanced Brand Presence in Communications: Use your own domains for link tracking across all your messages, campaigns, and sequences. This feature not only strengthens your brand identity but also maintains the professional appearance of your communications.

- Full-Featured Link Tracking: Despite using your own domains, you'll still enjoy all the benefits of Whippy's native link tracking. Monitor click rates, gather engagement data, and optimize your communication strategies with our powerful analytics tools.

This new feature is part of our ongoing commitment to provide versatile, comprehensive tools that support your marketing and communication efforts. By allowing you to integrate personal or corporate domains into your campaigns, Whippy helps you deliver a consistent brand experience while leveraging advanced tracking and analytics capabilities. We look forward to seeing how you use these new functionalities to enhance your brand's presence and effectiveness.